Freeman Realty Associates, Inc. is a Massachusetts Corporation (C:Corp) with over 25 years of experience in the development and management of real estate in Eastern Massachusetts. Family owned, Freeman Realty brings direct personal involvement of its principals to all its projects. In addition to the development and management of properties in which it has an ownership position. Freeman Realty has experience working on a wide range of commercial projects for independent third parties as a developer, property manager and advisor. Clients have included individuals, family trusts, and Pension Fund Advisors.


In recent years, Freeman Realty has expanded its activities to include residential development of single family homes. This work has included projects at the highest level of the market as well as more modest rehabilitation and additions to existing homes.


Twin Pines Farm represents our first 40B multi-family project. Accordingly, we have elected to partner with Miller Starbuck, an experienced residential developer. It should be noted, however, that the President of Freeman Realty Associates, Inc., James Freeman, began his career as a Planner in   both   Connecticut   and Massachusetts. As Planning Director in Natick during the 1970’s, Mr. Freeman was involved in a number of 40B projects during the early stages of the Act’s implementation. While there have been change since that time, the basic intent and purpose of the Act remain in place. We look forward to playing an active role in the construction of these 20 new townhouse units.


The investment in this project will be made through Freeman Holdings LP, a family limited partnership that has Freeman Realty Associates, Inc. as its sole General Partner. As General Partner, Freeman Realty Associates, Inc. will direct and control all activities related to this project on behalf of the Limited Partnership.


505 Main Street, Reading, MA 01867
phone 781-944-4000
fax 781-944-4007

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